MIGS 2013

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Had a great time at the Montreal International Game Summit lastweek. It was a great chance to mingle with passionate industry dev’s and ambitious students. There were some great talks from the likes of Naughty Dog’s David Lam, Studio Techniques’ Samantha Youssef and Ubisoft’s Colin Graham to name a few. Seeing talented people driving the industry forward is such an inspiration, and it’s nice to feel apart of it.

from left to right; Jonathan Cooper, Joel MacMillan, Brent George, Richard Arroyo, Samantha Youssef, Colin Graham, David Lam

from left to right;
Jonathan Cooper, Joel MacMillan, Brent George, Richard Arroyo, Samantha Youssef, Colin Graham, David Lam

This nice tribute to the relationships over the course of our franchise, features alot of my cinematic work. It was quite nostalgic to see it all edited together in this way, spanning the three games. I’ll miss working with Shep and Ash… over 8 years, it’s easy to take those opportunities for granted.

Having a little more fun with Photoshop Animation this weekend. Didn’t have a lot of time, so tried practicing a quick ‘take’ with our favourite pup Olive. This is a pretty common look we get from her when anyone comes knocking at the door, or when she hears the dinner bell.

I’ll try refining a cleaning this up over the weekend as time allows… but wanted to get something posted for the night.

Pizza Bait

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I was introduced to Photoshop Animation through a friend at work the other day, so I thought I’d take the weekend to try it out. It was surprisingly straight forward once I got into my own workflow. I’m crazy rusty, but really enjoyed the opportunity to get back to my 2D roots!  This may just be as far as I’ll end up taking this animation (a polished turd is still a turd)… but I’m looking forward to getting onto another fun piece.



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tonight’s quick sketch.


Hope everyone got their fill of Green Beer this weekend!






a day of rest

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I came down with something of an achy bug last night, and this morning wasn’t much better… so I decided to take the day off to rest up. We have some fun visitors at work this week… running us through some new tech for the engine we’re using on our next big project at BioWare. I’m determined to get my full energy back by morning, in order to avoid missing out on any updates, or walkthroughs they may have.

In the mean time, I thought I’d upload another sketch I did this past weekend. Pretty quick shading job… but it shows off a bit more structure, and helps separate the elements.


old_man_line_0  old_man_shade_tight


Found this interesting pic of a vintage motorcycle on Pinterest the other day. Thought I’d elaborate on it a bit.

It’s been nearly a year since my last post, and I’ve been thinking of potential resolutions to start off the New Year… why not commit to updating this site more than once every 6-12 months!

Work’s been ramping up quite aggressively, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back from the holidays and working on some amazing AAA BioWare material with such a talented Art Team! Alot of my creative energy has been focused on just that… but I’m going to make an effort to be more productive in my ‘after hours’ as well this year.

Here’s a small batch of sketches I’ve done over the past couple of weeks, with the hopes of updating at least once every couple of weeks… Here’s hoping!